Back in black

Ten years after Dale Earnhardt's death, Kevin Harvick embraces his role as No. 3's heir

Updated: February 9, 2011, 12:46 PM ET
By Ryan McGee | ESPN The Magazine
Kevin HarvickOlaf Hauschulz for ESPN The MagazineHarvick has a new-look ride and is embracing a new role.

This story appears in the Feb. 21, 2011, issue of ESPN The Magazine.

Kevin Harvick glides a right hand over the left front fender of his Chevy. He nods just a little and grins before finally looking up at the photographers who are waiting to capture the 35-year-old and his shiny new ride. Between camera flashes he shouts to them, almost rhetorically, "That black looks pretty badass, doesn't it?"

Indeed it does.

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