Playoff Power Meter: Odd Blues

St. Louis has taken an uncommon statistical path to the top of the NHL

Updated: March 16, 2012, 2:52 PM ET
By Alvin Chang | ESPN Insider
Jaroslav HalakJason O. Watson/US PresswireGoalie Jaroslav Halak has been strong in net for the NHL's top team.

The St. Louis Blues have established themselves as arguably the best team in the NHL. But, as we've learned from previous years, regular-season performance is not the best way to gauge who will win the Stanley Cup.

So that's we why designed the Playoff Power Meter. We wanted to find regular-season metrics that best correlated with championships and use those findings to figure out who will most likely win the Cup. Some metrics, like power-play opportunities, are bad indicators of a Cup-winning team -- so they were given very little weight. Others, like wins against elite NHL teams, correlate highly with championships -- so they were given a lot of weight.

When we ran the numbers for the Blues, they ended up ninth in the rankings. That's right -- the Power Meter says there are eight teams more likely to win the Cup.

It doesn't pass the eye test. So let's look deeper.