NHL Player Power Rankings

Sidney Crosby still at the top; Tyler Seguin climbs up the list

Updated: April 10, 2014, 11:06 AM ET
By Tom Awad | Hockey Prospectus

Tyler SeguinRichard Wolowicz/Getty ImagesTyler Seguin is a big reason why the Dallas Stars remain in the postseason mix.

Editor's note: These rankings are based on player production in terms of Hockey Prospectus' GVT valuation metric. If you are unfamiliar with GVT and how it works, you can learn more here.

Every week, Hockey Prospectus will provide updated Player Power Rankings for the top 10 skaters and top five goalies in the NHL based on HP's proprietary value metric GVT, a statistic that combines player contributions in all aspects of the game, including defense, goaltending and the shootout. The data presented here includes a value for offensive GVT, defensive GVT, shootout GVT and overall GVT.

Sidney Crosby remains the No. 1 contributor among skaters, with Tyler Seguin climbing the list this week.

Top 10 Skaters

1. Sidney Crosby, F, Pittsburgh Penguins
Off GVT: 21.1 | Def GVT: 3.9 | Shootout GVT: 0.6 | Total GVT: 25.6
Previous ranking: 1

Crosby's 17-point lead (102 points to Ryan Getzlaf's 85) in the scoring race is the biggest since Jaromir Jagr led the league over Teemu Selanne 127-107 way back in 1998-99, and as a percentage (20 percent) is the largest margin since the glory days of Wayne Gretzky in the 1980s.