Grading it out, from Panthers to Leafs

A look at the 2010 NHL drafts for all 30 squads -- from excellent to hideous

Updated: June 27, 2010, 5:37 PM ET
By Gare Joyce | Special to ESPN Insider
Getty ImagesTaylor Hall may be the name long associated with this draft, but here, we grade all 30 squads.

We've discussed this from a multitude of angles already since Round 1 on Friday night, so let's get right to it: the team-by-team grades for the 2010 NHL draft.

You know what you're getting here -- grades for all 30 teams. If you're a hockey fan, you should buy this and read it, plain and simple, since real NHL pucks don't drop until October. Become an Insider now and get after it.

Gare Joyce is a contributing writer for ESPN The Magazine.