Devils should bid Ilya adieu 

April, 28, 2010

Before I offer a short review of the Wings' sensational Game 7 performance and make my selection for Wednesday night's Caps-Habs showdown, I wanted to follow up on Tuesday's blog and give some more unsolicited advice to the New Jersey Devils.

Simply, I'd tell GM Lou Lamoriello not to waste any more time with Ilya Kovalchuk.

Move on. Let it go. Make other plans.

To see why Hradek believes the Devils are best served by letting super-sniper Ilya Kovalchuk walk away, plus get his read on tonight's Game 7 between the Capitals and Canadiens, sign up for Insider today.

E.J. Hradek

Senior Writer, ESPN The Magazine
E.J. Hradek is a senior writer at ESPN The Magazine, joining the staff prior to its launch in 1998. He began covering hockey as a writer/editor for Hockey Illustrated in 1989.