NFL Team: Washington Redskins  
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NFL Team: Washington Redskins
19(9)Carlos RogersDBAuburn
 There was a lot of speculation as to what the Redskins might do here, including the possibility of trading the pick or drafting WR Mike Williams. Ultimately, though, they chose to stick with filling a need on defense. Rogers has good size and speed. Most important, he is a physical cover corner with the athletic ability and confidence to play both man-to-man and zone coverage in the NFL.
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125(25)Jason CampbellQBAuburn
 When the Redskins traded into the first round earlier in the week, many observers dismissed the notion they were targeting Campbell. But having landed CB Carlos Rogers at No. 9, Washington could afford to pick a QB who might take a couple of years to fully develop.
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419(120)Manuel WhiteRBUCLA
518(154)Robert McCuneLBLouisville
69(183)Jared NewberryLBStanford
78(222)Nehemiah BroughtonRBCitadel

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