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Tony CokerOG   
Brandon RideauWR   
Tony StubbsS   
Joe VaughnOC   
David McMillanLB53(139)Cleveland
Kansas State
Jermaine BerryDT   
Andrew BulmanDT   
Brian CaseyTE   
Jon DotyOT   
Kevin HuntleyDE   
Michael JohnsonOC   
Louis LavenderCB   
Tony MadisonWR   
Antoine PoliteWR   
Joe RheemPK   
Cedrick WilliamsCB   
Darren SprolesRB429(130)San Diego
Kent State
David AlstonRB   
Chad BandieraOC   
Josh CribbsQB   
Darrell DoweryWR   
Abram ElamS   
Eric MahlILB   
Shane BoydQB   
Earven FlowersCB   
Ellery MooreDT   
Mike WilliamsS   
Vincent BurnsDE328(92)Indianapolis

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