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Drafted Players - J
 Marlin JacksonDBMichigan129(29)Indianapolis
 Tony JacksonRBIowa622(196)Seattle
 Vincent JacksonWRNorthern Colorado229(61)San Diego
 Brandon JacobsRBSouthern Illinois49(110)New York
 Erasmus JamesDEWisconsin118(18)Minnesota
 Jason JeffersonDTWisconsin619(193)New Orleans
 Travis JohnsonDEFlorida State116(16)Houston
 Derrick JohnsonDBWashington631(205)San Francisco
 Marcus JohnsonOGMississippi217(49)Minnesota
 Derrick JohnsonLBTexas115(15)Kansas City
 Matt JonesWRArkansas121(21)Jacksonville
 Brandon JonesWROklahoma332(96)Tennessee
 Adam JonesDBWest Virginia16(6)Tennessee

Players - J
 Eddie JacksonWR6'4"222West VirginiaInsider Only
 Howard JacksonRB5'8"166UTEPInsider Only
 Jamaica JacksonS6'1"210South CarolinaInsider Only
 Jonathan JacksonDE6'2"235OklahomaInsider Only
 Marlin JacksonCB6'0"198MichiganInsider Only
 Terry JacksonRB5'10"196Southern IllinoisInsider Only
 Tony JacksonTE6'2"266IowaInsider Only
 Vincent JacksonWR6'4"241Northern ColoradoInsider Only
 Brandon JacobsRB6'4"267Southern IllinoisInsider Only
 Chris JahnkeOC6'4"299IndianaInsider Only
 Erasmus JamesDE6'4"266WisconsinInsider Only
 Vontrell JamisonDE6'5"277ClemsonInsider Only
 Marcus JasminDT6'4"310Texas A&MInsider Only
 Rashad JeantyDE6'3"230UCFInsider Only
 Jason JeffersonDT6'1"310WisconsinInsider Only
 Paul JeffersonFB6'0"260Penn StateInsider Only
 Tony JefferyWR6'0"173TexasInsider Only
 Mike JemisonRB5'11"216Indiana (PA)Insider Only
 Branden JoeFB6'0"242Ohio StateInsider Only
 Derrick JohneseRB5'10"210Northwestern StateInsider Only
 Cedric JohnsonOG6'2"337ClemsonInsider Only
 Chase JohnsonOC6'1"293TCUInsider Only
 Chris JohnsonOT6'2"310ArizonaInsider Only
 Derrick JohnsonOLB6'3"242WashingtonInsider Only
 Derrick JohnsonCB5'10"197WashingtonInsider Only
 Earvin JohnsonWR6'2"182UNLVInsider Only
 Kerry JohnsonWR6'2"197MississippiInsider Only
 Kevin JohnsonCB5'11"195West GeorgiaInsider Only
 Marcus JohnsonOT6'6"321MississippiInsider Only
 Marcus JohnsonOC6'0"298UNLVInsider Only
 Marty JohnsonRB5'11"234UtahInsider Only
 Michael JohnsonOC6'3"288Kansas StateInsider Only
 Thomas JohnsonDT6'2"265Middle Tennessee StateInsider Only
 Travis JohnsonDT6'3"290Florida StateInsider Only
 Adam JonesCB5'9"187West VirginiaInsider Only
 Aki JonesDT6'4"276FordhamInsider Only
 Brandon JonesWR6'1"210OklahomaInsider Only
 Byron JonesCB5'10"183Texas A&MInsider Only
 Chris JonesWR6'1"197Jackson StateInsider Only
 Chuck JonesDT6'2"286Portland StateInsider Only
 Darius JonesDE6'2"270WisconsinInsider Only
 Darnell JonesFB5'11"244Mississippi StateInsider Only
 John Paul JonesDT6'1"307McNeese StateInsider Only
 Marcus JonesDE6'2"237LouisvilleInsider Only
 Matt JonesWR6'6"242ArkansasInsider Only
 Tyler JonesPK6'0"201Boise StateInsider Only
 Keith JosephFB6'1"254Texas A&MInsider Only


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