What is Miami's QB plan?

The Dolphins' offseason has been a story of QB moves that haven't been made

Originally Published: March 20, 2012
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.
David Garrard-Matt MooreGetty ImagesWith David Garrard and Matt Moore battling to be the starter, Miami's most glaring need is at QB.

It appeared when this free-agency period started that the Miami Dolphins would be a real factor. Most experts thought they would be in the market to sign big-ticket players, not only to please an ownership group that wanted to create some buzz and put fans in the seats, but to get the team more competitive in the tough AFC East.

Well, so far the opposite has happened for the Dolphins, and to this point in free agency, Miami has been nonproductive. All the Dolphins have to do is look at their neighbors to the north, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- who were aggressive early in the free-agent market, signing four veteran players at specific need areas and shelling out over $140 million in contracts -- to see a team that looks a lot better today than it did two weeks ago.

What has happened to Miami this offseason, particularly at the quarterback position?

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