Bills schemes about to get exotic

What to expect on both sides of the ball in Buffalo in 2013

Originally Published: June 6, 2013
By Gary Horton | ESPN Insider
Robert Woods, EJ Manuel, Marquise GoodwinGetty ImagesThe Bills have three new offensive weapons in Robert Woods, EJ Manuel and Marquise Goodwin.

New head coach Doug Marrone brings an air of excitement to Buffalo with the creative schemes that he ran at Syracuse. However, whether he will implement his college philosophies in the NFL remains a mystery, and the Bills are playing it close to the vest on what this offense and this defense will look like when team opens training camp.

After studying the tape, here is what I expect to see on both sides of the ball in 2013 for the Bills.


This will be a West Coast offense in terms of principles, and although it might look exotic and confusing to defend, it might not be quite as complicated as we think. In the passing game, the Bills will ask the quarterback to read his progressions quickly and, if a play isn't there, go to a checkdown or tuck the ball and run -- so mobility at this position is required. They might throw vertically a little more than we see from some West Coast offenses, and they want to stretch defenses with the threat of the deep pass, which should help the run game.

They will work out of the shotgun primarily not only to help in pass protection but also to allow the QB to read the defense quickly and get the ball out on time. We do know that they will have an attacking, up-tempo style and will try to confuse defenses with varied personnel groupings, motion and pre-snap movement.

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