Pressure plaguing Pack, Rodgers

Pass rush crippling effectiveness of 2011 MVP, Green Bay offense

Originally Published: October 11, 2012
By Ron Jaworski | ESPN Insider

Allow me to confirm what your eyes are likely telling you: This is not the same Aaron Rodgers we saw in 2011.

Rodgers himself recently agreed he hasn't performed to his standards in 2012, but a look at the stats alone tells the tale. His TD/INT ratio sits at a pedestrian 2.5-1 versus last season's superhuman 7.5-1. His yards per attempt has dropped from 9.25 to 6.91. His QBR has plummeted more than 25 points from 86.2 to 59.8.

Considering that Rodgers' performance in 2011 was one of the most masterful ever, it's not surprising we're seeing him slip back a little bit in 2012. The real question, is whether the QB I recently ranked No. 1 in the league can correct the problems that have contributed to the Packers' surprising 2-3 start. Is this just a fluke? Bad luck? Or do Rodgers and the Green Bay offense have significant issues they need to address in order for the Packers to turn their fortunes around? To the chagrin of Packers fans, after consulting the film I tend to think it's the latter.

Ron Jaworski

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