2012's most impactful injuries

Darrelle Revis is most damaging absence of the early season

Originally Published: September 28, 2012
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.
Darrelle RevisRobert Mayer/US PresswireWithout Darrelle Revis, the Jets' secondary could be exposed.

When a key player goes down with a significant injury, it often changes the schemes and personnel packages that coaches can utilize. The ability to adjust to these injuries is a real challenge for the entire organization, but it hits some teams harder than others.

Based on the talent of the injured player and the difficulty in replacing that talent on the field, I've ranked the most impactful injuries of the young 2012 season. Let's take a look at the drastic impact these absences will have on their teams.

CB Darrelle Revis, New York Jets (Knee)
Revis is out for the year and he simply cannot be replaced by one player. Kyle Wilson will move to the No. 1 corner with Antonio Cromartie as the No. 1 guy and Ellis Lankster promoted to No. 3. When the Jets go to nickel packages, Wilson will move back to his customary slot cover spot and Lankster will play outside. However, none of these corners really scares any defense, and if the Jets have to go any deeper into their sub-packages, they will really be in trouble.

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