Seahawks' D can contain Packers

Prolific Packers passing game could struggle against Seahawks

Originally Published: September 23, 2012
By Sam Monson | Pro Football Focus
Pete CarrollOtto Greule Jr/Getty ImagesPete Carroll has a lot of reasons to love Chris Clemons.

On Monday night, Aaron Rodgers will lead one of the league's most exciting and unstoppable offenses against the immovable object that is the underrated Seattle Seahawks defense.

Since taking charge in Seattle, Pete Carroll has crafted an excellent defensive unit, and this season looks to be the best version he has put on the field so far. After two weeks the Seahawks sit atop the cumulative defensive grades, more than 25 percent better than the next best in the league, the Philadelphia Eagles.

In addition, CenturyLink Field is one of the most formidable home-field advantages a team could have thanks in part to the noise produced by the "12th man," and the Seattle defense always seems more fired up at home. This defense can stifle the Packers' vaunted passing attack, but will it? Here's a unit-by-unit breakdown of Monday's game.

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