Could Wildcat work for the Jets?

A look at whether another offensive wrinkle could help a desperate team

Originally Published: August 30, 2012
By Chris Sprow | ESPN Insider
Tim Tebow Jim McIsaac/Getty ImagesTim Tebow was brought in to run the Wildcat. Will it work in New York?

New York Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano knows better than anyone the First Rule of Running the Wildcat:

You do not talk about the running the Wildcat.

So give the Jets' offense credit -- they haven't executed anything else in their no-touchdown diet of a preseason, but they've certainly executed secrecy on the Wildcat subject. "Just because we have a player in the building here that's had some history running the football" -- Reporter's note: his name ends with Tebooooow! -- "does not necessarily mean that's exactly what it is that we're going to do," Sparano told reporters this week.

But the Jets are currently a mess at QB, so much so that Peter King suggested Wednesday on "PTI" that Greg McElroy could get starts. For that matter, the whole offense is a mess. Yet this is also preseason, and they aren't yet out of tricks. Nobody shows what they really want to do in the season, anyway. And I can promise, the Jets will run some Wildcat. We will see Tim Tebow. The question is what effect the formation and The Mighty Tim can have.

To know, you need a little history.