Scouts Buzz: Bears' offense is flawed

Originally Published: October 26, 2009
By Matt Williamson | Scouts Inc.
Jay CutlerAP Photo/Tom UhlmanJay Cutler's confidence, usually an asset, can become a liability when the Bears' offense struggles.
After watching the Week 7 matchups, Scouts Inc. shares its 10 key observations:

1. The Chicago Bears' offense has serious flaws: Because they have no semblance of a running game and thanks to QB Jay Cutler's nature, the Bears probably always will be very streaky on offense. LT Orlando Pace is not what he once was by any stretch of the imagination, and the offensive line in general has not opened holes for RB Matt Forte, who is not running with the same conviction he did last season. But Cutler has a remarkable amount of confidence in his arm and playmaking ability. Although that often works in his favor, you also get days like Sunday, when he simply makes throws he has no business attempting. This is a flawed offense.