Scouts Inc. team capsules: Jaguars

The Jaguars were a playoff team two years ago, but don't expect a return

Originally Published: September 3, 2009
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.

After a lot of offseason film study and conversations with NFL coaches and scouts, this is a quick look at each team on offense and defense heading into the regular season. It is a capsule of what philosophy we will likely see on both sides of the ball as well as who is calling the shots. Here: the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Scouts 2009 capsule -- Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars were a playoff team two years ago, but fell flat this past season. What do they need to get back? For Scouts Inc.'s recommendations, you must be an ESPN Insider. Insider

Gary Horton spent 10 years in the NFL as a scout and another 10 years at the college level as an assistant coach and recruiter. He is the founder and most seasoned member of the Scouts Inc. staff, and his extensive experience at all levels of football make him an excellent talent evaluator.