Browns face a decision; Packers don't

Updated: November 11, 2005, 6:01 PM ET
By Rick Spielman | ESPN Insider
As we reach the season's halfway point, teams that are struggling have to decide whether it's time to develop younger players and look to the future or stay with the veterans who give them the best chance to win. Nowhere is this decision more evident than at the quarterback position.

San Francisco, for one, already has decided to turn things over to No. 1 pick Alex Smith, although he has been injured and not playing of late. But the Cleveland Browns have stuck with a struggling Trent Dilfer rather than take a look at third-round pick Charlie Frye. Green Bay invested a first-round pick in Aaron Rodgers, and after Brett Favre threw five interceptions last week against the Bengals, some people suggested maybe it was time to give the rookie a shot.

The decision often isn't easy, as teams must weigh remaining competitive now against finding out what their young quarterbacks can do in the future.

Rick Spielman

NFL Insider analyst
Rick Spielman joined ESPN Insider as an NFL analyst after a five-year stint in the front office of the Miami Dolphins, first as Vice President of Player Personnel and later as General Manager. He also has worked in the front offices of the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions.