Edwards' focus should be on Jets

It's unclear how the Herman Edwards-to-Kansas City rumors started. But one thing is clear: Edwards should keep his focus on the Jets for now.

Updated: November 26, 2005, 6:48 PM ET
By Len Pasquarelli | ESPN.com
When you pay people to counsel you on your future, it sometimes doesn't hurt to heed their expert advice about your present circumstances too, New York Jets coach Herman Edwards demonstrated during a rather bizarre series of events Wednesday.

Early in the day, Edwards, the subject of unsubstantiated but wildfire rumors that he might be interested in succeeding coach Dick Vermeil if the Kansas City sideline boss retires after this season, didn't exactly deny interest in the potential opening. In a rather ham-handed fashion belying his usual smoothness and aplomb, Edwards acknowledged Wednesday morning that Jets owner Woody Johnson had a right to "go in another direction" if he so desired, and one could apparently almost see the New York coach casting a glance in the general direction of Kansas City.