Eagles face many burning questions

The Eagles had a solid draft and were active in free agency. But are they legitimate contenders in the NFC? Keith Kidd examines.

Originally Published: May 31, 2006
By Keith Kidd | Scouts Inc.
After a disappointing 2005 season, the Eagles are driven to get back into playoff contention in the tough NFC East. The Terrell Owens experiment has ended and quarterback Donovan McNabb is more focused than ever on returning Philadelphia to prominence.

Last year was a year the organization would like to forget. With high expectations coming off a Super Bowl appearance, the talk in Philadelphia centered on a disgruntled player (Owens) who divided the locker room and disrupted team leadership. Will the Eagles return to their winning ways in 2006? Even though they have a solid foundation in place, it won't be easy. The NFC East has improved from top to bottom.

Let's examine what the Eagles have done this offseason.