Film Notes: QBs master new weapon

Rivers, Ryan and Rodgers among those who have perfected the back-shoulder throw

Originally Published: November 26, 2010
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.
After breaking down film, Scouts Inc. gives its take on what to watch in the NFL this weekend:

The back-shoulder throw
A fairly recent evolution in the passing game is throwing behind the receiver's shoulder in what looks like an underthrown pass, but it is a hard move for a DB to defend. It works best when the QB identifies press man coverage, much like the New York Jets play. The corner will turn and run with the WR with his back to the ball, and it is tough to get your head around and locate the ball in this situation. It is especially effective with speed receivers who run fade routes and get that corner in an all-out run mode. So, who does it well? Retired QB Kurt Warner was great at it and current QBs Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan and Aaron Rodgers all throw that pass well. It takes great communication between the QB and WR, but it can be a very effective play.
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