Film Notes: Packers' D persevering

Originally Published: November 5, 2010
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.
After breaking down film, Scouts Inc. gives its take on what to watch in the NFL this weekend:

Green Bay defense defies logic
How do the Green Bay Packers shut out the talented New York Jets offense in Week 8 with so many injuries? Great coaching by coordinator Dom Capers, creative alignments and the ability to make big plays (sacks and interceptions). The Packers can line up three defenders at the line of scrimmage with only one guy with his hand in the dirt, while dropping eight into coverage, creating tight throwing windows. They also will bring five rushers, drop four into man coverage and play two-deep zones with their safeties. In all cases, they want their best pass-rusher, Clay Matthews, as a creative upfield guy who's not forced into coverage. He can attack from the inside or outside. Good luck to Dallas Cowboys QB Jon Kitna to figure out this defense on Sunday.

Gary Horton spent 10 years in the NFL as a scout and another 10 years at the college level as an assistant coach and recruiter. He is the founder and most seasoned member of the Scouts Inc. staff, and his extensive experience at all levels of football make him an excellent talent evaluator.