Coaches must know personality of players

How Philadelphia's coaches handle Winston Justice will determine whether he can ever recover from last week's debacle, writes Jeremy Green.

Originally Published: October 5, 2007
By Jeremy Green | Scouts Inc.
Philadelphia's Winston Justice, a second-year offensive tackle with very little starting experience, has been in the spotlight this week. Justice had a miserable performance in Week 4 against Giants right defensive end Osi Umenyiora, who finished with six sacks, the majority against Justice.

Justice was a solid player at USC and still has the ability to develop into an upper-echelon tackle, but how the Eagles handle him will go a long way toward determining how his career unfolds. Every player in the NFL has a bad game at some point in his career. The players who learn to quickly put those bad games behind them are the ones who usually end up being solid, consistent players.

Presumably, the Eagles did extensive research on Justice before they drafted him, so they should have a good understanding of how he needs to be coached. Before drafting a player, a team must know if he has the type of personalty that fits with the head coach.