Top fits for Justin Blackmon

How the Oklahoma State WR jells with the teams that are most likely to pick him

Originally Published: April 16, 2012
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.
Justin Blackmon Brett Davis/US PresswireJustin Blackmon can come in and immediately upgrade a team's wide receiver corps.

The consensus is that Justin Blackmon is the one impact receiver in this draft, with Notre Dame's Michael Floyd gaining some ground and Baylor's Kendall Wright seeming to have lost a little bit of his early buzz. With a lot of teams near the top of the draft with a WR need, only one of them is going to get the talented Oklahoma State wideout, and that is going to leave several teams scrambling for other receiver options. Let's look at the teams likely to be in play for Blackmon and how he fits in with their respective offenses.

Minnesota Vikings (No. 3)

Although it appears that the Vikings will try to trade down, if they are unable to they will almost certainly draft USC OT Matt Kalil, who looks like a safe pick at a big need. But this passing game doesn't have the weapons to stretch the field for QB Christian Ponder. The only explosive threat the Vikings have is Percy Harvin, who is constantly bothered by medical issues.

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