Mel's Matchups: Week 9

A.J. Green's tough battle, Sergio Kindle's attempt to rise highlight the weekend

Originally Published: October 29, 2009
By Mel Kiper Jr. |

The Big Board isn't just a measure of talent. It's a ranking of prospects as they'd be gauged by the people making the decisions in NFL war rooms. It's not a prediction of order; it's about who the best prospects are -- and doesn't reflect at all where they might be needed.

If it was a measure of talent alone, however, A.J. Green certainly would be in the mix. The Georgia WR has all the physical abilities you could ask for from a wideout -- and then manages to produce. You know a guy is good when quarterbacks consistently choose to throw to him when he's covered over other guys who might be open.

But Green is just a sophomore, so he'll need to wait a year before he lands high on the Big Board. And he could go higher yet with another great performance this week -- which leads off our matchups.

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Mel Kiper Jr.

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