Mays steals show during DB workouts

Cornerbacks offer up mixed bag in terms of speed

Originally Published: March 3, 2010
By Todd McShay | Scouts Inc.

Editor's note: Results in the 40-yard dash and other timed events are unofficial unless otherwise noted.

INDIANAPOLIS -- USC's Taylor Mays lived up to hype as a freakish size-speed prospect when the 6-foot-3⅛, 230-pound safety ran the fastest 40-yard dash time (4.41 seconds) of the 47 defensive backs who ran on the final day of the NFL combine. Mays also came in third among DBs with a 41-inch vertical jump. Both numbers are impressive on their own, but even more so given Mays' size.

However, it is important not to over-evaluate Mays based on this workout. While he likely sealed a place in the bottom half of the first round, there are still significant concerns about his instincts and angles to the ball in coverage. You also have to wonder why a player with this physical skill set didn't make more big plays in pass defense in college.

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