Woodson shows poor decision-making; Kansas FB McAnderson impressive

Kentucky QB Andre Woodson had a rough day in a loss to Mississippi State, one of the five matchups Scouts Inc.'s Steve Muench looks at in his weekly scouting report.

Originally Published: October 29, 2007
By Steve Muench | Scouts Inc.
Matchups between two top prospects or a highly rated individual and an outstanding unit on the other side of the ball always make a scout sit up in his chair and take notice, even after hours spent poring over game film. Such matchups have arguably the greatest impact on a player's draft status, and here are five that caught my eye this weekend:

[+] EnlargeAndre Woodson
AP Photo/James CrispAndre Woodson had good reason to feel dejected after being picked off three times against Mississippi State.
Kentucky QB Andre' Woodson vs. Mississippi State's pass defense
Woodson's Heisman Trophy hopes took a substantial hit after he threw three picks in the fourth quarter of Kentucky's stunning 17-point loss to Mississippi State. On the first interception Woodson tried to hit WR Steve Johnson down the right sideline on a third-and-10 play, but the ball bounced off CB Anthony Johnson's hands and into the hands of S Keith Fitzhugh. This play showed flaws in both Woodson's technique and decision-making. His failure to step into the throw resulted in an underthrown pass that allowed Anthony Johnson to get his hands on it, and though Steve Johnson had a step on Anthony Johnson when Woodson released the ball Fitzhugh was in perfect position to help over the top. Woodson never should have thrown the ball there.
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