No Ryan or Brohm is a potential big gain for others

The talent level at the Senior Bowl is still off the charts even though Matt Ryan and Brian Brohm decided to back out and Scouts Inc.'s Todd McShay breaks down who has the most to gain -- and lose -- this week.

Updated: January 22, 2008, 3:30 PM ET
By Todd McShay | Scouts Inc.
MOBILE, Ala. -- The Senior Bowl took a huge hit when Louisville QB Brian Brohm made a decision over the weekend not to participate in this year's game. The news comes less than a week after Boston College QB Matt Ryan -- the other supposed headliner -- told Senior Bowl officials thanks, but no thanks.

Chad Henne
Leon Halip/WireImage.comMichigan's Chad Henne has a chance to really shine with the decision of some top QBs to bow out of the Senior Bowl.
While NFL scouts are less than thrilled with Ryan, there seems to be much more frustration regarding Brohm's handling of the situation. Instead of potentially capitalizing on an opportunity to stand out as the premier quarterback talent in this year's game, Brohm looks like an immature follower who reacted to Ryan's move and, in his late withdrawal, showed no regard to the hardworking game organizers.

It remains to be seen if Ryan's and Brohm's decisions will have any bearing on their eventual draft spots. One thing is certain -- they've created a window of opportunity for other first-day quarterback prospects such as Kentucky's Andre' Woodson and Michigan's Chad Henne to shine in front of hundreds of NFL general managers, coaches and scouts.