St. Louis Rams 2010 Picks
  • What he brings 

    There are concerns about the system Bradford played in at OU and the season-ending shoulder injury he suffered last year, but we still think he's an excellent value here. His shoulder has clearly healed and his arm may be even stronger than it was before the surgery. We also believe he has the mental aptitude to make a successful transition to the NFL.

    Video analysis 

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    How he fits 

    While it's tough to expect a new quarterback to start on a 1-15 team, that's what the Rams want from Bradford because they don't have many other options. A.J. Feeley was signed from Carolina, but he's a short-term fix. Keith Null struggled badly when given opportunities last year, and Mike Reilly is the only other quarterback on the roster. The Rams have a lot of other needs, but Bradford's intangibles, mental makeup and consistency are exactly what a new quarterback will need on a rebuilding team.