2012 Draft Results

Draft Analysis


He's inconsistent and doesn't always play up to his ability, but he flashes the skill set to develop into an effective edge rusher. He's a great fit in the San Francisco scheme as an outside rusher.

Draft Results

Overall Football Traits

Production3"2008: (6/0) -- 7-3-0 2009: (12/10) -- 40-5-2 2010: (12/12) -- 53-14.5-6.5 2011: (12/12) -- 30-11-4"
Height-Weight-Speed2"Prototypical height/weight combination. Thick, muscular legs. Still appears to have room on his frame to add bulk if necessary. Has average arm length (33 1/2') and small hands (9'). Top-end speed is slightly above average but 10-yard split (1.61) is excellent. "
Durability4"Did not bench at combine due to pectoral injury. In 2011, did not play vs. Idaho due to lower leg injury. Started other 12 games that season. In 2009-'10, played in 24 games (22 starts) but suffered torn labrum in shoulder vs. B.C. in 2009 and had surgery in December of that year. In 2008, ankle injury cost him playing time. "
Intangibles2Has proven to be a versatile athlete and willing to play multiple positions. A team player. No off the field issues. Was a bit immature coming out of high school but has grown up considerably the past couple years.
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

Defensive End Specific Traits

Pass Rush Skills3Above average first-step quickness. Frequently gains initial advantage. Flashes good hand use and knows how to prevent OL from locking out. Does a very good job of transferring initial burst to power. But not a finisher. Lacks creativeness as a pass-rusher. Will get the OL off-balance and fail to capitalize. Will turn the corner and lean but lacks torso flexibility to stay on the rails and gets driven wide too easily. Where are the counter moves? Where is the relentlessness and competitiveness? Production (only 12.5 sacks in 34 starts 2009-'11) does not match natural ability.
Versus the run2"Is thickly built and naturally strong. Flashes ability to anchor. Is light on his feet. Smooth athlete for size. Can change directions quickly. Possesses all the natural tools but is not a consistent playmaker. Let's pads rise too often and loses power base, as a result. Lacks good natural instincts and is consistently a quarter-count late locating the ball. Will disappear for long stretches. Does not make enough plays in pursuit. Shows power at the point of attack as a tackler and can jar the ball loose. Also a good tackler in tight quarters when fending off blocks. Below average tackler in space, though. "
Versatility2A versatile athlete. Has played multiple roles on defense. Played OLB in Al Groh's 3-4 scheme before moving to DE in new 4-3 scheme in 2010. Shows potential to play both at the next level. Also has experience at the TE position and was a three-year starter at WR and DB in high school.
Instincts/Motor4"Better natural athlete and 'tester' than football player. Good stamina and flashes motor throughout games. But not a finisher. Decides to give up early on some plays in order to save himself. Don't see nasty, relentless temperament found in most successful DE's in NFL. Instincts and recognition skills are below average. "
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal