2011 Draft Results

Overall Football Traits

Production32006: Redshirted. 2007: (5/0) 2 of 7 (28.6 pct.), 50 yards, 2 TD. 2008: (11/10) 194 of 326 (59.5), 2,435 yards, 21 TD, 10 INT. 2009: (13/13) 296 of 497 (59.6), 3,579 yards, 30 TD, 8 INT. Career: 252 carries, 731 yards (2.9 avg.), 14 TDs
Height-Weight-Speed2Possesses and excellent combination of size and top-end speed for the position.
Durability1Durability is not a concern.
Intangibles2Highly-respected and well-liked by teammates and coaches. Possesses a well-rounded personality and puts the team first. Involved with community service.
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

Quarterback Specific Traits

Toughness/Leadership3A competitor who will put body on the line to make a play. Flashes willingness to stand in pocket and deliver throw while absorbing hit. However, questionable leadership qualities and mental toughness. Body language is very poor on the field and can allow emotions to affect his play throughout contests. Needs to show much better poise and allow mistakes to roll off his back. When things go wrong early it can have a snowball effect and he does not show elite ability to bounce back from mistakes.
Intelligence/Decision Making4An erratic decision maker that does not always seem to see the entire field. Did not see ability to consistently get to second or third progression during film study. Needs to do a better job of taking what defense gives him. Takes too many high-risk throws downfield when having easy completion for positive yardage underneath. Still developing in terms of learning the value of ball security and puts the ball up for grabs far too often. Can try and do too much when improvising instead living to fight another down.
Accuracy4Despite impressive stats last season, very inconsistent in this category. Overall footwork seems to be the underlying factor with struggles in this category. Too often feet are not set and is off-balance with his delivery. Often forces receivers to adjust on routine throws underneath. Timing and touch need improvement on intermediate crossing and deep seam throws. Deep ball accuracy is adequate.
Release/Arm Strength2Longer three-quarters release. However, motion is quick and gets the ball out in a timely manner. Also flashes ability to change release points both on the run and when under pressure. Arm strength is good but certainly not at elite status. Can make the majority of NFL throws. Gets adequate zip behind deep out passes. Has the ability to stretch the field with deep balls.
Pocket Mobility3An excellent overall athlete. Displays above-average foot quickness and agility inside of the pocket. However, can get caught watching the rush at times and needs to do a better job of keeping eyes downfield. Also can be too quick to tuck and run and needs to show more poise when feeling pressure. On the other hand, athleticism allows him to easily break contain and get on the perimeter. Also does a nice job of keeping eyes down field and keeping play alive when getting outside of the pocket. Has the ability to pick up big chunks of yards with feet.
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal