2013 Draft Results

Overall Football Traits

Production22009: (13/0) - 23-6-2 2010: (14/14) - 65-14-3 2011: (11/9) - 32-5-2 2012: DNP (See Durability) Career: 89PR-1,117-12.6-3 and 63-1,553-24.7-0
Height-Weight-Speed3Good bulk. Appears to have above average top-end speed but it's an estimate. On the shorter side for a defensive corner prospect. Hand span is adequate (9) but arms (29.6) are short.
Durability4Bruised right knee in the 2011 Oklahoma game and did not play against Clemson the following week. Frame makes durability an even greater concern. At Valdosta State suffered a torn ACL during preseason camp and was forced to miss the entire 2012 season.
Intangibles4Given the Mr. Versatile Award at the annual football team banquet in 2009. Named one of the team's Most Valuable Players on Special Teams in 2011. Suspended for 2011 Charleston Southern for violating team rules. Arrested on charges of resisting arrest and perjury in September of 2011. Charges are later dropped. In July of 2012 arrested by the Georgia State Patrol and charged with driving with a suspended license, a seatbelt violation and misdemeanor possession of marijuana according to the Lowndes County (Ga.) Sheriff's office. Dismissed from FSU on August 1, 2012 following several misdemeanor legal offenses, violation of team rules. Transferred to Valdosta State prior to 2012 season. Father Greg Sr. served a six-year prison sentence for cocaine trafficking.
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal

Cornerback Specific Traits

Instincts/Recognition2Flashes above average route recognition and the ability to beat receivers to the spot when lines up off the line. Reads quarterbacks and receivers when facing the line of scrimmage. Does above average job of reading and mirroring receivers when left on an island. Recovers better than most but instincts aren't elite and takes the occasional false step. Can bite on pump fake in zone and double moves in man.
Cover Skills2Quick-twitch athlete that has that has above average short area man-to-man cover skills. Explodes out of backpedal and quickly closes on passes thrown in front of him. Fluid and fast enough to run with most receivers but doesn't have the size to compete with bigger vertical threats for 50-50-balls downfield. Strength is an issue and projects as more of a Nickel back than a starter on the outside.
Ball Skills3Above average focus when the ball is in the air and flashes the ability to pull it out of the air. Can reach in with one hand and knock ball down before receiver secures it. Looks to rip the ball out when ball carrier gets stood up. Height is an issue and struggles to compete for jump balls.
Run Support3Size is an issue and gets engulfed by bigger receivers when doesn't win with quickness but flashes the ability to slip blocks. Tough and willing to sacrifice body to make play. Gets the ball carrier to the ground more times than not despite size and closes so well that he even flashes the ability to deliver the big hit.
1 = Exceptional2 = Above average3 = Average4 = Below average5 = Marginal