2013111(11)ChargersD.J. FlukerOTAlabama
2012118(18)ChargersMelvin IngramDESouth Carolina
2011118(18)ChargersCorey LiugetDTIllinois
2010112(12)ChargersRyan MathewsRBFresno State
Pick Notefrom Miami
2009116(16)ChargersLarry EnglishDENorthern Illinois
2008127(27)ChargersAntoine CasonCBArizona
2007130(30)ChargersCraig DavisWRLSU
2006119(19)ChargersAntonio CromartieDBFlorida State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 2007
2005112(12)ChargersShawne MerrimanLBMaryland
Pick Notefrom N.Y. Giants
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 2006; All Pro Second Team: 2007; Defensive Rookie of the Year: 2005
2005128(28)ChargersLuis CastilloDTNorthwestern
200411(1)ChargersEli ManningQBMississippi
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 2003 (3rd); Super Bowl Wins: XLII
2003130(30)ChargersSammy DavisDBTexas A&M
Pick Notefrom Philadelphia
200215(5)ChargersQuentin JammerDBTexas
200115(5)ChargersLaDainian TomlinsonRBTCU
Pick Notefrom Atlanta
DistinctionsMVP: 2006; All Pro First Team: 2004, 2006, 2007; All Pro Second Team: 2002, 2003, 2005; Offensive Player of the Year: 2006
199812(2)Chargers Ryan LeafQBWashington State
Pick Notefrom Arizona
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 1997 (3rd)
1993122(22)Chargers Darrien GordonDBStanford
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1997; Super Bowl Wins: XXXII, XXXIII; Super Bowl Losses: XXIX, XXXVII
1992123(23)Chargers Chris MimsDETennessee
Pick Notefrom Houston
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXIX
199119(9)Chargers Stanley RichardDBTexas
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXIX
199015(5)Chargers Junior SeauLBUSC
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000; All Pro Second Team: 1995, 1997, 1999; Super Bowl Losses: XXIX, XLII
198918(8)Chargers Burt GrossmanDEPittsburgh
1988115(15)Chargers Anthony MillerWRTennessee
1987124(24)Chargers Rod BernstineTETexas A&M
Pick Notefrom Cleveland
198618(8)Chargers Leslie O'NealDEOklahoma State
Pick Notefrom Minnesota
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1994; Super Bowl Losses: XXIX
1986113(13)Chargers James FitzpatrickOTUSC
1985112(12)Chargers Jim LacheyOTOhio State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1989, 1990, 1991; All Pro Second Team: 1987; Super Bowl Wins: XXVI
198416(6)Chargers Mossy CadeDBTexas
198315(5)Chargers Billy Ray SmithLBArkansas
Pick Notefrom San Francisco
1983120(20)Chargers Gary AndersonRBArkansas
Pick Notefrom Green Bay
1983122(22)Chargers Gill ByrdDBSan Jose State
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1992
1981124(24)Chargers James BrooksRBAuburn
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXIII
1979113(13)Chargers Kellen WinslowTEMissouri
Pick Notefrom Cleveland
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1980, 1981, 1982; All Pro Second Team: 1987; Hall of Fame Induction: 1995
1978114(14)Chargers John JeffersonWRArizona State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1979, 1980; All Pro Second Team: 1978
1977124(24)Chargers Bob RushCMemphis
Pick Notefrom Dallas
197614(4)Chargers Joe WashingtonRBOklahoma
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 1974 (3rd); Super Bowl Wins: XVII; Super Bowl Losses: XVIII
197518(8)Chargers Gary JohnsonDTGrambling State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1980, 1981; All Pro Second Team: 1982; Super Bowl Wins: XIX
1975122(22)Chargers Mike WilliamsDBLSU
Pick Notefrom Washington
197412(2)Chargers Bo MatthewsRBColorado
1974115(15)Chargers Don GoodeLBKansas
Pick Notefrom Cleveland
1973125(25)Chargers Johnny RodgersWRNebraska
Pick Notefrom Washington through Baltimore
DistinctionsHeisman Finalist: 1972 (1st)
1971113(13)Chargers Leon BurnsRBLong Beach State
1970115(15)Chargers Walker GilletteWRRichmond
196919(9)Chargers Marty DomresQBColumbia
Pick Notefrom Denver
1969118(18)Chargers Bob BabichLBMiami (OH)
196814(4)Chargers Russ WashingtonOTMissouri
Pick Notefrom Denver
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1979, 1982
1968118(18)Chargers Jimmy HillDBTexas A&M-Kingsville
1967114(14)Chargers Ron BillingsleyDTWyoming