2015111(11)VikingsTrae WaynesCBMichigan State
201547(106)BearsJeremy LangfordRBMichigan State
2015520(156)DolphinsTony LippettWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom PHI
2015539(175)TexansKeith MumpheryWRMichigan State
Pick NoteCompensatory
2014124(24)BengalsDarqueze DennardCBMichigan State
2013216(48)SteelersLe'veon BellRBMichigan State
201349(106)DolphinsDion SimsTEMichigan State
Pick Notefrom New Orleans via New York Jets
2013429(126)BuccaneersWilliam GholstonDEMichigan State
Pick NoteFrom New England
2012219(51)PackersJerel WorthyDTMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Arizona through Philadelphia
201247(102)RedskinsKirk CousinsQBMichigan State
2012426(121)TexansKeshawn MartinWRMichigan State
2012610(180)49ersTrent RobinsonSMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Carolina
2012613(183)DolphinsB.J. CunninghamWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom San Diego
2012743(250)ChargersEdwin BakerRBMichigan State
Pick Notecompensatory
2011620(185)GiantsGreg JonesILBMichigan State
2011623(188)ColtsChris L. RuckerCBMichigan State
201078(215)RaidersJeremy WareCBMichigan State
2009537(173)TitansJavon RingerRBMichigan State
Pick NoteCompensatory selection
200823(34)RedskinsDevin ThomasWRMichigan State
Pick NoteFrom Raiders through Falcons
2008523(158)BearsKellen DavisTEMichigan State
Pick NoteFrom Seahawks through Jaguars and Buccaneers
200871(208)BearsErvin BaldwinDEMichigan State
Pick NoteFrom Dolphins
2007211(43)LionsDrew StantonQBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Buffalo
2007517(154)RamsClifton RyanDTMichigan State
Pick NoteReacquired through Detroit
2007715(225)DolphinsBrandon FieldsPTMichigan State
Pick Notefrom St. Louis
2006333(97)JetsEric SmithDBMichigan State
2006426(123)BengalsDomata PekoDTMichigan State
200676(214)RaidersChris MorrisCMichigan State
2005627(201)FalconsDeAndra CobbRBMichigan State
2005628(202)ColtsDave RaynerPKMichigan State
200572(216)DolphinsKevin VickersonDTMichigan State
2005732(246)PackersWill WhittickerOGMichigan State
Pick Notefrom New England
2004418(114)BengalsMatthias AskewDTMichigan State
2004636(201)RamsJeff SmokerQBMichigan State
200312(2)LionsCharles RogersWRMichigan State
2002118(18)FalconsT.J. DuckettRBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Washington through Oakland
2002323(88)JetsChris BakerTEMichigan State
200259(144)BroncosHerb HaygoodWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Jacksonville through New England
2002537(172)49ersJosh ShawDTMichigan State
2002622(194)SeahawksCraig JarrettPTMichigan State
200172(202)CardinalsRenaldo HillDBMichigan State
2001717(217)JetsSiitupe PekoOGMichigan State
2001739(239)PatriotsT.J. TurnerLBMichigan State
200018(8)SteelersPlaxico BurressWRMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XLII
2000116(16)49ersJulian PetersonLBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom New England through N.Y. Jets
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 2003; All Pro Second Team: 2002
200045(99)EaglesGari ScottWRMichigan State
2000433(127)PatriotsGreg Robinson-RandallOTMichigan State
200056(135)TitansAric MorrisDBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Philadelphia
200068(174)BearsPaul EdingerPKMichigan State
2000631(197)TitansRobaire SmithDEMichigan State
1999129(29)Vikings Dimitrius UnderwoodDEMichigan State
199948(103)Lions Sedrick IrvinRBMichigan State
199828(38)Cowboys Flozell AdamsOTMichigan State
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 2007
1998519(142)Eagles Ike ReeseLBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Miami
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXXIX
1998520(143)Dolphins Scott ShawOGMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Detroit
199742(98)Oilers Derrick MasonWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Atlanta
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 2000; Super Bowl Losses: XXXIV
1997634(197)Buccaneers Nigea CarterWRMichigan State
1996212(42)Rams Tony BanksQBMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XXXV
1996213(43)Panthers Muhsin MuhammadWRMichigan State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 2004; Super Bowl Losses: XXXVIII, XLI
1996626(193)Panthers Scott GreeneRBMichigan State
199528(40)Jaguars Brian DeMarcoOTMichigan State
Pick Notefrom N.Y. Jets
1995231(63)Cowboys Shane HannahOGMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Philadelphia through Tampa Bay*
1994122(22)Raiders Rob FredricksonLBMichigan State
199459(140)Steelers Myron BellDBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Chicago
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXX
1994617(178)Steelers Jim MillerQBMichigan State
1994715(209)Steelers Brice AbramsRBMichigan State
1993611(151)Falcons Mitch LyonsTEMichigan State
199376(174)Lions Ty HallockLBMichigan State
1992216(44)Buccaneers Courtney HawkinsWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom L.A. Raiders
199239(65)Browns Bill JohnsonDTMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXX
1992511(123)Steelers Alan HallerDBMichigan State
1992713(181)Broncos Jim JohnsonOTMichigan State
Pick Notefrom N.Y. Jets
1992818(214)Eagles Chuck BulloughLBMichigan State
19921212(320)Seahawks John MacNeillDEMichigan State
Pick Notefrom N.Y. Jets
1991117(17)Redskins Bobby WilsonDTMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Houston through New England and Dallas
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XXVI
1991210(37)Cowboys Dixon EdwardsLBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Detroit
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XXVII, XXVIII, XXX
1991220(47)Chargers Eric MotenOGMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Washington
1991310(65)Vikings Carlos JenkinsLBMichigan State
1991512(123)Chargers Duane YoungTEMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXIX
1991714(181)Colts James BradleyWRMichigan State
19911015(265)Buccaneers Hyland HicksonRBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom New Orleans
19911226(332)49ers Cliff ConferDEMichigan State
1990113(13)Chiefs Percy SnowLBMichigan State
199044(85)Cardinals Travis DavisDTMichigan State
1990420(101)Browns Harlon BarnettDBMichigan State
1990710(175)Seahawks Bob KulaOTMichigan State
19901011(259)Broncos James SzymanskiDEMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Indianapolis through Dallas and L.A. Raiders
1990125(309)Patriots Ventson DonelsonDBMichigan State
198912(2)Packers Tony MandarichOTMichigan State
1989122(22)Colts Andre RisonWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Philadelphia
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1990; All Pro Second Team: 1991, 1992, 1993; Super Bowl Wins: XXXI
1989319(75)Rams Kevin RobbinsOTMichigan State
1989817(212)Colts Kurt LarsonLBMichigan State
1988122(22)Oilers Lorenzo WhiteRBMichigan State
1988317(72)Oilers Greg MontgomeryPTMichigan State
Pick Notefrom San Diego
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1993
198868(145)Giants David HouleOGMichigan State
1988813(206)Cardinals Tim MooreLBMichigan State
1988816(209)Steelers Mark NicholsDTMichigan State
1987128(28)Giants Mark IngramWRMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XXV
1987129(316)Eagles Bobby MorseRBMichigan State
198615(5)Cardinals Anthony BellLBMichigan State
1986714(180)Bills Butch RolleTEMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Seattle
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XXV, XXVI
19861111(288)Eagles Steve BogdalekOGMichigan State
1985412(96)Chargers Ralf MojsiejenkoPTMichigan State
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1987
1985511(123)Seahawks Mark NapolitanCMichigan State
Pick Notefrom San Diego
1985610(150)Chargers Terry LewisDBMichigan State
19851122(302)Bears Jim MorrisseyLBMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XX
19851217(325)Cardinals Lonnie YoungDBMichigan State
198413(3)Giants Carl BanksLBMichigan State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1987; Super Bowl Wins: XXI, XXV
1984221(49)Seahawks Daryl TurnerWRMichigan State
198495(229)Chiefs Scott AuerOTMichigan State
1983425(109)Bengals Steve MaidlowLBMichigan State
198356(118)Patriots Smiley CreswellDEMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Chicago
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XX
1983522(134)Rams Otis GrantWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom San Diego
19831126(305)Browns Howard McAdooLBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom L.A. Raiders
198232(57)Colts James BurroughsDBMichigan State
198243(86)Saints Morten AndersenPKMichigan State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1986, 1987, 1995; All Pro Second Team: 1985, 1992; Super Bowl Losses: XXXIII
1982718(185)Buccaneers Tom MorrisDBMichigan State
1982719(186)Giants Jeff WiskaOGMichigan State
1982928(251)49ers Bryan ClarkQBMichigan State
198136(62)Packers Ray StachowiczPTMichigan State
1980210(38)Oilers Angelo FieldsOTMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Kansas City
1980311(67)Bills Mark BrammerTEMichigan State
1980620(158)Dolphins Eugene ByrdWRMichigan State
1980823(216)Cowboys Larry SavageLBMichigan State
19801013(262)Saints Tanya WebbDEMichigan State
197937(63)Dolphins Mel LandLBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom N.Y. Giants
197978(173)Cardinals Kirk GibsonWRMichigan State
1979828(220)Steelers Tom GravesLBMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XIV
19791010(258)Dolphins Jerome StantonDBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Detroit
19791118(293)Seahawks Jim HineslyOGMichigan State
1978128(28)Cowboys Larry BetheaDTMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: XIII
1978611(149)Browns Al PittsCMichigan State
197874(170)Jets James EarleyRBMichigan State
1977122(22)Bengals Mike CobbTEMichigan State
1977327(83)Vikings Tom HannonDBMichigan State
197674(186)Cowboys Greg SchaumDTMichigan State
Pick Notefrom San Diego
19761322(369)Cardinals Greg BrewtonDTMichigan State
1975101(235)Giants Terry McClowryLBMichigan State
19751324(336)Vikings Mike HurdWRMichigan State
1974224(50)Rams Bill SimpsonDBMichigan State
1974720(176)Cowboys Raymond NesterLBMichigan State
1974823(205)Cowboys Mike HoltDBMichigan State
1973120(20)Cowboys Billy Joe DuPreeTEMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: XII; Super Bowl Losses: X, XIII
1973126(26)Bills Joe DeLamielleureOGMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Miami
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1975, 1976, 1977; All Pro Second Team: 1978, 1979, 1980, 1983; Hall of Fame Induction: 2003
1973214(40)Giants Brad Van PeltLBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Minnesota
1973424(102)Steelers Gail ClarkLBMichigan State
197365(135)Chargers Marvin RobertsCMichigan State
197376(162)Bills Brian McConnellLBMichigan State
1973822(204)Cowboys Dan WernerQBMichigan State
1973911(219)Rams Jim NicholsonOTMichigan State
1973113(263)Eagles Gary Van ElstDTMichigan State
19731721(437)Browns Robert McClowryCMichigan State
1972426(104)Colts Eric AllenWRMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Dallas through New Orleans and San Diego
19721212(298)Steelers Ron CurlOTMichigan State
19721322(334)Colts Herb WashingtonWRMichigan State
197169(139)Broncos Harold PhillipsDBMichigan State
1971726(182)Colts Gordon BowdellWRMichigan State
197185(187)Broncos Tom BeardCMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Houston
19711013(247)Chargers Gary NowakTEMichigan State
19711110(270)Bears Cliff HardyDBMichigan State
19711226(312)Colts Bill TriplettWRMichigan State
19711526(390)Colts Mike HoganLBMichigan State
19711621(411)Lions Tom KutchinskiDBMichigan State
1971175(421)Oilers Calvin FoxLBMichigan State
197056(110)Oilers Ron SaulOGMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Cincinnati through N.Y. Jets
1970721(177)Browns Craig WycinskyOGMichigan State
1970822(204)Rams Rich SaulLBMichigan State
DistinctionsAll Pro Second Team: 1980; Super Bowl Losses: XIV
19701214(300)Packers Frank ForemanWRMichigan State
19701324(336)Raiders Don HighsmithRBMichigan State
1969714(170)Giants Al BrennerDBMichigan State
196841(84)Bengals Jess PhillipsDBMichigan State
1968419(102)Broncos Drake GarrettDBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom Kansas City
1968514(125)49ers Dwight LeeRBMichigan State
1968713(178)Eagles Joe PrzybyckiOGMichigan State
1968926(245)Packers Bob ApisaRBMichigan State
19681623(431)Rams Jimmy RayeQBMichigan State
196711(1)Colts Bubba SmithDEMichigan State
Pick Notefrom New Orleans
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1971; All Pro Second Team: 1968; Super Bowl Wins: V; Super Bowl Losses: III
196712(2)Vikings Clinton JonesRBMichigan State
Pick Notefrom N.Y. Giants
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: IV
196715(5)Oilers George WebsterLBMichigan State
DistinctionsAll Pro First Team: 1967, 1968, 1968
196718(8)Vikings Gene WashingtonWRMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Losses: IV
1967613(146)Jets Jeff RichardsonDEMichigan State
DistinctionsSuper Bowl Wins: III
196796(217)Broncos James SummersDBMichigan State
1967921(232)Patriots Charlie ThornhillDBMichigan State
19671417(358)Eagles Dick KenneyPKMichigan State