Injuries have domino effect on teams

Jacksonville's defense won't be quite as intimidating without safety Donovin Darius; plus other injury fallout.

Originally Published: September 20, 2005
By Gary Horton | Scouts Inc.
Injuries are a part of the NFL, but the season-ending type that some teams have been hit with in the first two weeks can disrupt an organization and have lasting effects. Let's look at some early injuries and anticipate how each team's coaching staff will compensate for the loss of these players.

Donovin Darius
Out for the season with an ACL injury, Darius is a tough guy to replace in Jacksonville's defense. He really is like a linebacker playing the strong safety position. He is at his best when he can be an intimidator against inside receivers and on crossing routes over the middle by outside receivers.

With Darius in the lineup, receivers were hesitant to test the middle of the field. At the very least, they had to take a glance to see where he was. Receivers now might not be as reticent in going over the middle, which could change the offensive game plans of certain opponents.

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