Too many headaches to overcome

Former agent Len Elmore discusses why he got into the business and why he left it.

Updated: June 9, 2005, 2:25 PM ET
By Len Elmore | ESPN Insider
In 1992, I founded Precept Sports & Entertainment, Inc. Setting up a sports agency was easy. The hard part was keeping it going ethically while others were content to backbite and conspire to win.

My getting out of the business is a long story, but simple. Competition became more intense and started to engage in things I didn't feel were ethical. I wasn't going to stoop to conquer, so I left the business. But let's start at the beginning.

I was drawn into the business for two main reasons. One, I'd heard a lot of horror stories about players who had been defrauded out of their money. In those stories, I never heard of a player's representative intervening and stopping him from being taken advantage of or accepting responsibility for hooking him up with the guilty financial advisor.

Len Elmore

College Basketball analyst
Len Elmore, a 10-year NBA veteran, returned to ESPN with the 1997 season as a men's college basketball analyst. Currently, Elmore primarily works Big East contests, including the post-season Tournament, as well as select games for ABC Sports.