Owens gives more than receives 

December, 26, 2006
Terrell Owens wore his Santa hat during his postgame press conference Monday night following the Cowboys' 23-7 loss to the Eagles, but he wasn't in the spirit of giving.

As always, Owens is only interested in receiving because he cares about himself more than the team. His postgame complaint was that he is not getting the football early enough in games, that his activity was too little, too late, which makes it tough for him to be good. Typical T.O. … his thoughts don't jibe with facts or reality.

Stats Inc. charts the number of times a receiver is targeted, and Owens has one of the most balanced receiving lines in the league. He has had 34 passes thrown to him in the first quarter, 38 in the second, 31 in the third and 41 in the fourth. From first to fourth quarter, he's caught 19, 21, 19 and 20. He's eighth in the league with 144 passes thrown in his direction. The problem is he's dropped anywhere between 15 to 17 of the passes.

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