Bledsoe favors Glenn, not T.O. 

October, 10, 2006

Watching Terrell Owens act like a spoiled baby in times when he didn't get the ball Sunday against the Eagles was so typical of him. To yell "Why am I here?" to a Cowboys coach was inexcusable. Getting the ball to Owens isn't natural yet for quarterback Drew Bledsoe because the two haven't been on the field enough to together. It's not like Bledsoe and Terry Glenn, who have been together for eight years and have 395 catches for 5,867 yards and 31 touchdowns. It didn't appear that Owens ran his routes as hard as he has in past games. The results seem to bear out in the numbers this season. Bledsoe has targeted Owens 40 times but only completed 17 for 232 yards and one touchdown. Glenn has caught 20 of the 26 passes thrown to him for 290 yards and three touchdowns. Quarterbacks are always going to go with the percentages, and the percentages in Dallas are Bledsoe to Glenn. At least Owens admitted after the game that "maybe I need to work a little harder."