Tommy Bowden, Houston Nutt are safe -- for now

Tommy Bowden and Houston Nutt seem as if they're always on the hot seat. But Todd McShay writes they're among the coaches who are safer than expected.

Updated: August 28, 2006, 6:08 PM ET
By Todd McShay | Scouts Inc.
Although no coach is untouchable, these five are less vulnerable than some fans might like to think. In other words, it would take a major meltdown for any of the following head coaches to change addresses after the 2006 season.

Tommy Bowden, Clemson

Tommy Bowden
Sean Meyers/Icon SMIDespite a record of 70-37, some Clemson fans aren't happy with Tommy Bowden.
When isn't Bowden on the hot seat? Clemson fans unfortunately have an inflated view of their football program. Although the annual slow starts are frustrating, the end result is still impressive. In Bowden's seven years as head coach, the Tigers are 70-37 overall.