Team preview: Kansas

Blue Ribbon Yearbook previews the 2005 college football season, exclusively on Insider.

Originally Published: July 18, 2005
Blue Ribbon College Football Yearbook
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Some Division I-A athletic programs, it seems, can't have it all.

These schools have powerhouse men's basketball programs that land them on ESPN more often than Stuart Scott and Bob Ley combined, but struggling football programs that more often that not finish out of the bowls. It's that way at Duke and Kentucky. And at schools like Temple and Indiana, too.

And despite the best efforts of Mark Mangino (who took the Jayhawks to a second-tier bowl, the Tangerine Bowl, in 2003), Kansas has been in that category too. Whether "Ole Roy" or Bill Self was roaming the sideline, the Jayhawks' hoops squad is a fixture in both the top 10 and in the Big Dance.

In football, the best conference record Kansas could muster since the 1996 inception of the Big 12 is 3-5. The Jayhawks are 17-55 in nine years in the league. Mangino's three-year mark is 5-19. He stands 12-24 overall.