Looking at LSU vs. Auburn keys

What happens, historically, when a top offense meets a top defense?

Originally Published: October 21, 2010
By Brian Fremeau | Football Outsiders
Getty ImagesWhen LSU and Patrick Peterson (No. 7, center) travel to the Plains, can great D trump great O?

The SEC West will be interesting down the stretch: three teams in the division (LSU Tigers, Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide) are among the top eight in the BCS standings. They all play each other between now and the end of November. If one squad can run the table, it would have a significant shot to make a BCS championship game appearance.

The first stage, this weekend, is LSU at Auburn. This is a classic matchup of elite defense (LSU) versus prolific offense (Auburn). With this type of matchup, who wins?

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