How's my driving?

Greg McElroy and Colt McCoy explained by their signature game-winning drives

Updated: December 31, 2009, 9:02 AM ET
By Alyssa Roenigk | ESPN The Magazine
Colt McCoy & Greg McElroyGetty ImagesColt McCoy and Greg McElroy have both led huge drives this year for their respective teams.

This column appears in the Jan. 11 issue of ESPN The Magazine.

It's a fact that someone will win the BCS title game. It's a smart assumption that, with two of the nation's top three defenses colliding, points will be scarce. And it's pure hope that, for a 2009 season that opened with an unprecedented three Heisman finalists coming back and that saw a historic five undefeated teams go to the bowls, we get a final game capped by a fourth-quarter, game-winning drive.

Well, it looks like the BCS computers have smiled upon us. The Jan. 7 championship game will pit two quarterbacks, Texas' Colt McCoy and Alabama's Greg McElroy, who are two of the nation's best fourth-quarter winners. The numbers prove it. McCoy has an FBS-record 45 career wins, with late comebacks against Oklahoma and Nebraska this season. McElroy, the junior who's Bama's first-year starter, hasn't lost a game since middle school, including tight W's in 2009 over Tennessee and Auburn.

How do they work that magic? Fans, as a rule, remember only that last scoreboard click, when their 24-30 panic switches to 31-30 pandemonium. So we asked both Texas-bred QBs to describe their most memorable comebacks, which quickly became a four-step viewer's guide on how to transform a possession into a Drive. These lessons might prove valuable on Jan. 7.

Alyssa Roenigk

ESPN The Magazine senior writer
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