Tuberville and Tigers out for a little respect

Auburn is out to show the college football pundits they deserve a little r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Updated: November 30, 2005, 11:18 PM ET
By Kirk Herbstreit | Special to
Last weekend in South Bend was a reminder why college football is the greatest sport. From the beginning of day to the end of night, there were great matchups across the country. There's something about college football that is different from the NFL -- or any other sport, for that matter. It's the passion with which the game is played. Every game means so much to the players, coaches and fans, and everything gets left out on the field each Saturday.

Pete Carroll
After beating Notre Dame, Pete Carroll's Trojans won't be tested again until Dec. 3 vs. UCLA.
USC-Notre Dame was one of the greatest games I've ever seen. Most of my memories will be about the game itself, but the one aspect I will remember the most is the effort with which the two teams played, and how they reacted toward one another after the game. Both teams were class acts across the board. Everyone was emotionally drained -- the players, coaches and even fans -- and all you could hear after the game were compliments about the opposing team. Even in the parking lot before and after the game, there was nothing but excitement and respect for both teams, and that was nice to see in such a storied rivalry that often gets overlooked. With Charlie Weis now in South Bend and the job Pete Carroll is doing at USC, this rivalry has gained a ton of momentum and has become the most anticipated matchup every year in college football.

Trojans' current road trip
Despite coming out of South Bend with a win, fans continue to look for areas where USC might be vulnerable. People have come up to me and said that Saturday was the first time they've had a chance to see USC play and that the Trojans aren't that good or not nearly as good as I have made them out to be. I just laugh at those who have that opinion.

Kirk Herbstreit

College Football analyst
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