Thursday, April 17, 2014

Northwestern vs. Auburn

In a battle of spread attacks, Auburn should beat Northwestern at the line of scrimmage.

Northwestern offense vs. Auburn defense
• The No. 1 priority for the Tigers defensively this week will be to take away Northwestern's short passing game. Northwestern will try to spread the Auburn defense horizontally with multiple-receiver sets and look to exploit the soft spots underneath. QB Mike Kafka displays good football intelligence and has made quick decisions, getting rid of the ball in a timely manner while being accurate with short throws. On the perimeter WRs Zeke Markshausen, Andrew Brewer and TE/HB Drake Dunsmore are savvy finding open areas against zone. Still, as a group, they lack the top-end speed to challenge the Tigers' secondary downfield. That said, look for defensive coordinator Ted Roof to lock into a Cover 2 look with five defenders underneath and two safeties over the top in an effort to take away the short throws the Wildcats' have thrived off of offensively.

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