An early look at Virginia Tech vs. Boise  

August, 27, 2010

Every Friday on the blog, I do a mailbag -- it should stay that way for the season, too. Thanks to all for the questions that came in via Twitter; you can contact me here anytime.

And now, this week's mailbag.

From @Drofdarb23: Why are you picking VT over Boise St? Long trip for BSU? Broncos wont be able to stop the run? Hokies' D too good?
I have a lot of respect for Boise and what a well-coached team the Broncos are -- and if this game was in Boise, I'd be very tempted to with the Broncos, but this is a long road trip for BSU. They are 1-3 on the road against schools from BCS conferences. They're facing one of the best one-two punch RB combinations -- Ryan Williams and Darren Evans -- in all of college football, and are doing so while breaking in a new defensive coordinator. Tech has a very experienced coaching staff. I expect the Hokies to be prepared for all of the motion and shifts and tight end action that Boise brings.

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