Bad news weekend for USC 

April, 24, 2006
Not exactly a great weekend for USC, was it? First, as expected, highly touted QB recruit Jimmy Clausen announced his decision to sign with Notre Dame, and then a flurry of stories came out regarding Reggie Bush's folks living in a home that may have been arranged by an agent for the past year. The red-flag factor was raised even higher when Bush's mom was approached by a reporter about it, she no-commented, and then the next day the whole family packed up and moved out. (One day and gone? Wow! I have moved across the country four times and have probably less possessions than most 16-year-olds and it seems to take me six weeks and an Internet-smear campaign just to get re-situated. But I digress. Kinda.)

Obviously, if it is found that Bush's family lived there for free or under market rate, then this could be serious. Perhaps USC would have to forfeit all the games he played in last season. Pac-10 boss Tom Hansen said USC's request to have the Pac-10 investigate was "not unique at all," according to the LA Times.

Hansen declined to speculate about the Bush matter in the Times story, but said that if a student-athlete's family could prove it was "paying fair-market rent for places to stay," it would not matter who owned the property.

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