Michigan lifts Spartans to top line

With help from the Wolverines, Michigan State jumps Kansas and earns a No. 1 seed

Originally Published: February 20, 2012
By Joe Lunardi | ESPN Insider
Trey BurkeRick Osentoski/US PresswireTrey Burke and the Wolverines did another rival a favor by beating the Buckeyes.

Welcome back to the expanded edition of Joe Lunardi's Rundown. Since the start of January, this series has featured tournament odds, an element that will take you deeper into Bracketology. Bracketology provides a snapshot of how the bracket looks on a specific day, but, through the use of Lunardi's extensive database of previous seasons, tournament odds tell you how the bracket is likely to look come Selection Sunday.

Top line report

Turns out the weekend's biggest winner might have had the easiest win. Michigan State strolled into Purdue on Sunday, strolled through a solid 14-point victory and strolled home with a spot on the top line of our latest bracket.

The Spartans' heaviest lifting was done, incidentally, by archrival Michigan on Saturday night. The Wolverines' huge win against Ohio State gave Sparty the outright Big Ten lead. The Spartans then put their own cherry on the sundae at Purdue, and we no longer can deny a clear leader of the nation's No. 1 conference.

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