Florida Gators will haunt SEC dreams

Walk-ons discuss conference's best team, student section and more

Originally Published: October 26, 2010
By Mark Titus | Special to ESPN Insider
Walton ArenaWesley Hitt/Getty ImagesBud Walton Arena is always rocking on game day.

As you'll soon see, my look at the SEC is a little different than previous conferences, since none of our walk-on sources could be named due to a conference policy on surveys. But the Trillion-Man Army will not be silenced. Since I spent four years at Ohio State finding ways to get around the rules, I stealthily tapped into the End-Of-The-Bench Underground to put this SEC preview together.

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Mark Titus (@clubtrillion) is the founder and author of the blog Club Trillion. His book, Don't Put Me In, Coach, chronicles his career as a walk-on benchwarmer for the Ohio State basketball team and is on sale now.