Looking ahead: UConn's road looks best

From a bomb scare to Alabama, Jay Bilas says San Diego had the best collection of tournament games at one site.

Originally Published: March 20, 2006
By Jay Bilas | Special to ESPN.com
Check out the remaining seeds in the different regions, and consider how tough the road to the Final Four is now, after some big shots had some major breakdowns early.

Washington, 24: (1) Connecticut + (5) Washington + (7) Wichita State + (11) George Mason
Atlanta, 13: (1) Duke + (2) Texas + (4) LSU + (6) West Virginia
Minneapolis, 15: (1) Villanova + (3) Florida + (4) Boston College + (7) Georgetown
Oakland, 19: (1) Memphis + (2) UCLA + (3) Gonzaga + (13) Bradley

Easiest road for No. 1 seed: UConn. I said during our Bracketology show that UConn had the easiest road for a No. 1 seed to the Final Four, and that has been proven. (Of course, I only point out the rare times when I perceive myself to be correct.) UConn must now beat Washington and the winner of Wichita State and George Mason to reach the Final Four.

Jay Bilas

College Basketball analyst