The Nova problem for 2010

Two straight Final Fours is dicey because of offensive imbalance

Updated: March 5, 2010, 1:58 PM ET
By Matt Giles | Special to ESPN Insider
Getty ImagesThe high-fives might be fewer and farther between in about three weeks, gents.

On paper, the rosters of the Villanova Wildcats and West Virginia Mountaineers are different to the point where a college basketball-viewing novice could predict both teams' style of play just by glancing at the players' heights. For those eager to do so: Don't believe your eyes.

And by investigating both squads' uncharacteristic style of play, one is given a prescient indication of why West Virginia has a better chance of reaching Indianapolis than Villanova.

There's a certain stat that the Wildcats struggle with that greatly helps the Mountaineers' odds Saturday and once the NCAA tournament begins. To see what it is and how it affects both teams' chances in the dance, you must be an ESPN Insider.