Ogwumike shines at End of the Trail tournament


OREGON CITY, Ore. - These are by no means the "best" players or in any ranking order, but are a collection of 20 players we saw first hand at the End of the Trail, which may be the top unaffiliated club tournament of the summer evaluation period.

LaSondra Barrett, 6-2 F
Tennessee Flight Silver
2008 Class - William & Murrah HS
Jackson, Miss.
Last year, we got excited because a couple of tall girls could handle the ball and run the court. Well, here is a power player who can do the same. Except possibly for her jumper, Barrett has a lot of wing-type skills, including passing, handling and a nice pro-hop move in the lane. What she does best is make plays inside. Her timeliness, particularly on the offensive glass, has been the key to two straight tournament wins for the Flight.

Kelsey Bone, 6-4 P
West Coast Elite
2009 Class - Dulles HS
Stafford, Texas
Bone struggled through ankle and knee soreness and swelling and was still the most imposing post player in the tournament. Her presence changes games and her passion for the game got her through her injuries. She is a fierce competitor and is a motivator on the floor as well. Her impact was obvious when she was on the floor and when she was not.

Alex Cowling, 5-10 G
East Bay Xplosion Gold
2008 Class - St. Patricks HS
Benicia, Calif.
Loyola Marymount commit
Cowling is a fantasic scorer with the ability to bust opponents on the block using her strength and size, from the mid-range off reverse pivot faceups and off the dribble, and also shoots the three. For the second time this summer she showed she can score against elite level players.

Monica DeAngelis, 5-6 PG
Cal Swish Black 1
2008 Class - Windward HS
Santa Monica, Calif.
Loyola Marymount commit
DeAngelis is a solid point guard who gets her team into its sets, distributes the ball, defends and most impressively, handles ball pressure well. She has nice change of pace moves which include a quick hesitation and a dynamite studder step.

Hannah Draxten, 6-0 W
North Tartan 16
2008 Class - Fergus Falls HS
Fergus Falls, Minn.
Iowa commit
Draxten is an underrated player on an underrated team. She does a lot of things for her team and, most noteably, knocks down jumper after jumper. There wasn't a game where she didn't reel off at least a couple of long-range shots. The best part about her game though is how she prepares to receive the ball and can get her shot off quickly because of it. Her shooting stroke isn't incredibly quick but it seems like it because she prepares herself for it.

Lauren Edwards, 6-1 W
Cal Swish Black 1
2008 - Brentwood HS
Los Angeles, Calif.
Edwards' play in the semifinals and the championship game showed she is a legit player against any competition. She shares the ball, but is a strong scorer as well. She could score more but her team is so balanced and they run their sets so well.

Angel Goodrich, 5-6 PG
Tulsa Swoosh
2008 Class - Sequoyah HS
Thalaquah, Okla.
Goodrich was one of the strongest point guards in the tournament. She isn't the biggest player but she has one of the biggest hearts on the floor. She is extremely cool and collected under pressure and is does a great job of keeping the ball low and keeping her body on balance in traffic and at speed. She didn't have to do it too much as she was getting to the bucket at will but she showed she could shoot the ball as well.

Liz Lay, 6-1 F
Tulsa Swoosh
2008 Class - Southeast HS
Oklahoma City, Okla.
Lay was one of the top performers in the event and really turned it on in the bracket finals. She is a big kid with a ton of energy and can really score the basketball. She knocks down perimeter jumpers and scores in the paint. She's powerful and explosive with the ball and is very good at staying on balance in traffic and in the open court at full speed.

Atonye Nyingifa, 5-11 W
Cal Swish Black 1
2008 Class - Redondo Union HS
Torrance, Calif.
UCLA commit
Nyingifa is a handful to stop. She is very good attacking the cup both from the wing and from the high post. Her first step is very explosive and nobody has really slowed her from getting to her strong hand and finishing with he right. She's a high-energy player who gets after it and she's another reason the Swish is back in the championship game.

Chiney Ogwumike, 6-3 P
Cy-Fair Shock 90
2010 Class - Cy-Fair HS
Cypress, Tex.
Ogwumike has to be the top freshman in the country. She is a natural with great balance, jumping ability, aggression and is blazing fast running the floor.

Samantha Prahalis, 5-5 PG
Exodus NYC
2008 Class - Commack HS
Dickshills, N.Y.
Nobody has excited the crowd more than Prahlis this weekend. She has had some sensational games with plenty of highlights. Her nine-minute stretch during an exhibition upset of Tennesee Flight was as good a stretch of individual basketball we (and many college coaches) have seen this year.

Crystal Riley, 5-6 PG
Tennessee Flight Silver
2008 Class - Hillcrest HS
Arlington, Tenn.v
Riley is a cat-quick point guard with a great first step. She has nice change-of-speed dribbles and can handle ball pressure and still get her team into their offense. She is best when attacking the basket, but can also stop and pop. She's an aggressive player who gets after it on both ends of the floor and gives you energy even late in the game when legs are tired.

Shenneika Smith, 6-1 G
Exodus NYC
2009 Class - St. Michael's Academy
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Smith is probably the top college prospect on one of the most talented teams in the country. Her game makes scoring the basketball look easy. She is smooth and explosive, can stick the J and get to the cup. She is very shify and creative with the ball and this weekend she rebounded the ball well, too. Her touch around the basket is nice too.

Joslyn Tinkle, 6-4 F
Big Sky Hoops
2009 Class - Missoula Big Sky HS
Missoula, Mont.
Tinkle just has a presence about her and seems like the next coming of Jayne Appel. She has a similar build and game and may actually run the floor a little better. She can finish in traffic against players her size, drop step and score and step through and score. She rebounded well and played with high energy. There are plenty of Division I schools that would take her right now as a starter in their frontcourt.

Jackie Voight, 6-2 W
North Tartan
2008 Class - Park HS
Cottage Grove, Minn.
Minnesota commit
One of two North Tartan players headed to the Gophers, Voight has a great body and strength for the wing position. Some may try to peg her as a power forward, but she has a sweet touch from beyond the three-point line and handles the ball too well. She plays with a lot of fire and control, and can be a force inside, so is well-suited to exploit smaller wing players on the next level.

Alina Voronenko, 6-2 G
NorCal Elite Black
2008 Class - Smithton HS
Smithton, Mo.
Left out of the program but not out of our minds was Vorneko, one of the smoothest three-point shooters all weekend. Her shot is effortless and her release is nice and high. She also looked good in the open floor with good use of jump stops and crossover steps.

Candace Wood, 6-0 G
Tennessee Flight Silver
2008 Class - Victory Christian
Charlotte, N.C.
North Carolina commit
Wood should be renamed Candace Clutch. Down the stretch, regardless of how the rest of the game was going, she made plays when it counted - and at both ends of the floor. She is a great shooter, but most impressive were the key defensive stops that allowed the Flight to advance to the championship game.

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